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Multi-Function Stun Gun ATS781

This device is a law enforcement product. It has more act means and is equipped with more kinds of non-lethal projectiles.

1) Special law enforcement product
2) Multi-function weapon.
●Electric striking probe cartridge
Distance for use ranges 1.5~3.5 meters. After firing, two about 5-meter-long guided projectile probes will be ejected, generating high-pressure ion pulse wave to instantly

paralyze the attacker for approximately 2~3 minutes (electric striking 5~10 seconds).
●Pepper powder cartridge
Contains pepper powder. Distance for use ranges 3~5 meters which may generate a defensive area of approximately 3 meters, requiring no aiming on purpose. Once fired, the attacker will be unable to open the eyes, coughing and tear-dropping for about 5~10 minutes.
●Rubber bullet
Distance for use ranges 5~30 meters, which will make the attacker painful to slow down the attack and the user may then quickly leave the scene.
●Stun shock
Even do not install any cartridge in the gun, it still can work as a general stun gun
●Strong flashlight
Standard package
1) Electric gun
2) Cartridge
●Electric striking projectile probe cartridge 2 pieces
●Pepper powder cartridge 2 pieces
●Riot-suppressing cartridge 1 piece
3) Charger
4) Belt electric striking gun holster
5) Belt spare cartridge case
6) Package bag
1. Law enforcement agency
2. All security guards for public
3. Riot Control Force
4. Security companies
5. Personal safety